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FlashPhos is a HORIZON 2020 project funded by the European Union that will demonstrate at a large scale a thermochemical process to sustainably produce high-quality white phosphorus (P4) and other valuable raw materials using sewage sludge as input material. FlashPhos follows an economically and ecologically sound and climate-friendly circular economy approach. All output materials of FlashPhos will be used in the European industry, some of them substituting critical or CO2-relevant raw materials.

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💡 The #FlashPhos Dryer-Grinder as first step of the @FlashPhos process offers combined drying & grinding of #sewagesludge using an innovative thin film dryer designed by @FlashPhos partner Buss-SMS-Canzler GmbH.

🔎 Learn more about how this works ▶️ http://buff.ly/3gf0MtX

In our latest @FlashPhos blog, we want to introduce you to the core FlashPhos process consisting of #Dryer, #FlashReactor, Flash Reactor gas treatment system, #Refiner, #PhosphorusRecovery unit and #granulation. Learn more here ▶️ http://bit.ly/3n7kMSz

📌In @FlashPhos, Goriup Feuerfest GmbH is manufacturing the refractory lining for the Flash Reactor. GFG evaluates the refractory material in connection with the expected chemical & physical attack & develops strategies to optimise the refractory lining👉http://bit.ly/3OZsY0Y

👥 Meet #FlashPhos partner Goriup Feuerfest GmbH! GFG specialises in the production of refractory components and high-temperature insulating items and is expert in the erection of industrial equipment, especially for industrial furnaces. Learn more 👉http://bit.ly/3OZsY0Y

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