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Year of foundation


InsPyro is a consultancy company in the field of high-temperature processes, aimed at technical improvement of existing processes, as well as conception of new processes for sustainable production and recycling of mainly metallic materials. Established in 2009, the company has a broad experience in both short and long term B2B projects, as well as in the development of software products. InsPyro’s role is often bridging the practical needs of production companies and scientific methods and discoveries. Combining modelling and simulation with advanced characterisation and lab work, as well as with industrial tests and industrial experience, InsPyro has already been able to cooperate with over 50 companies in more than 10 countries. Modelling and simulation tools used and further developed by InsPyro are thermodynamic modelling of materials behaviour and processes, flow and heat transfer modelling (CFD), and flowsheet modelling of plant set-ups with multiple processes and auxiliary equipment. InsPyro has used, built and improved lab set-ups for high temperature materials behaviour evaluation. Since its start, InsPyro has built experience with several processes, including phosphorus production.

Role in the Project

Within FlashPhos, InsPyro carries out thermodynamic equilibrium calculation, enhancement of thermodynamic databases for process simulation with the virtual FlashPhos plant, equilibrium/kinetic assumptions, data etc. It leads activities surrounding component testing/lab scale experiments, conducting lab scale melting and reaction kinetic experiments. In addition, InsPyro contributes to the determining of phase mineralogy and is host of a site visit.


Sander Arnout

Managing Director