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Year of foundation


Italmatch Chemicals is a leading innovative chemical group, specialised in flame retardants and performance additives for water treatment, oil & gas, lubricants and plastics, and boasts a wide product range able to fulfil the requirements of the most demanding applications, including personal care. Founded in 1997, today Italmatch Group generates approximately 600 million Euros in sales revenue and operates through seven manufacturing plants in Europe (Italy, Spain, Germany and UK), five in Asia Pacific (China, Japan and India), six in North America (USA) and sales/distribution subsidiaries in Brazil, Belgium, China, Japan, India, Poland, Singapore and the USA. It employs approx. 1,000 workers in 17 countries worldwide. Bain Capital Private Equity, a leading global private investment firm, recently acquired the majority of Italmatch Chemicals together with the management in October 2018. Italmatch started its manufacturing activities by producing Yellow Phosphorus back in year 1929 in its Spoleto (Italy) site; P4 was used at that time as major raw material to produce matches. Therefore, Italmatch today has more than 80 years of history and competence in P4 production and in its derivatives. This contributes to make Italmatch one of today’s most experienced companies in the world in P4 manufacturing technology. In 2014, Italmatch has successfully completed the acquisition of the Phosphorus Chlorides + Phosphonates business from Netherlands-based Thermphos International B.V.

Role in the Project

As the project’s main exploitation partner, Italmatch leads activities surrounding exploitation and market deployment. Part of this is an analysis of market scenarios including socio-economic impact assessment of FlashPhos’ technology and concept as well as an elaboration of a European market replication strategy. Italmatch is also involved in preparing work for simulation of slag distribution and in the design and construction of a slag refining reactor, phosphorous safety and the procurement of pilot plant components. In addition, Italmatch contributes to a European sludge market and phosphorus product analysis. Following the experimental pilot plant campaigns, Italmatch will support experimental planning as well as scale-up of the FlashPhos process from the point of view of the plant operator.


Eleonora Lomazzi

Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist

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