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Year of foundation


ResourceFull is working hard to bring sustainable concrete technologies to market. It’s a young and growing company with expertise in the valorisation of metallurgical and mining by-products. ResourceFull finds use for these by-products by transforming them into minerals suitable for the production of the next generation of concrete. It offers a cement alternative based on the use of secondary resources, eliminating the dependency of primary raw materials and offering a far more ecological alternative to the construction industry. ResourceFull offers concrete characterisation, future-proof concrete recipes and alternative sourcing strategies for more sustainable and durable concrete.

ResourceFull’s Dedicated Materials Testing Laboratory effectively supports the quest for qualitative low carbon concrete solutions. ResourceFull offers comprehensive mortar and concrete testing at every stage of a project for a deeper view on recipe performance from preliminary reactivity scanning of potential residue streams to specifically targeted product development.

Role in the Project

ResourceFull is involved in developing the right process parameters for a successful slag granulation and will check the reactivity of slag(s) produced by the FlashPhos pilot installation for their valorisation as precursor in cementitious and alkali-activated binder formulations. ResourceFull assists VDZ in evaluating the current state of sludge and waste used in the EU and performs chemical, mineralogical and physical analyses of the slag(s). ResourceFull will produce full-scale concrete products from FlashPhos slag like façade elements or staircases and demonstrate their function in real environment (long-term tests on buildings). It will also conduct an LCA-analysis based on concrete formulations developed and benchmark results with relevant traditional cement concrete formulations. Finally, ResourceFull supports a market study on (building) products based on FlashPhos slag(s).


Wouter Crijns