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Dyckerhoff GmbH (DYCKERHOFF)





Year of foundation


Dyckerhoff is an international producer of cement and concrete based in Germany and is a subsidiary of the Italian Buzzi Unicem group. In Germany, Dyckerhoff operates seven cement plants and around 130 ready-mixed concrete plants. Further production sites are located in other European countries. Dyckerhoff has the industrial strength to test, validate and optimise alternative solutions for reducing factors with environmental impact such as CO2 emissions and resources depletion by improving the technological and environmental performances of the production process, and enabling the dissemination of the results at international level, acting as industrial reference for using innovative eco-friendly solutions. Dyckerhoff has a central structure for research and development activities at the Wilhelm Dyckerhoff Institute for building materials technology (WDI), one of the most well equipped and prestigious research centres in the area of hydraulic binders being specialised in the development of innovative products. The WDI is provided with state of-the-art equipment, which allows to ascertain very precisely features and performances of most materials in the cement industry: raw materials, fuels, intermediate and final products. Tests on raw materials, cement, concretes and aggregates are performed according to the actual standards. Dyckerhoff has extended knowledge on all processes including production technologies, process optimisation, cement properties and has also high competence in new technologies with regard to environmental protection. Dyckerhoff is represented in several European building material associations.

Role in the Project

Dyckerhoff provides know-how and consulting:

  • mass and energy balance data
  • use of sewage sludge as alternative fuel in cement clinker production
  • use of Ca-Si slag as supplementary cementitious material
  • use of excess heat from the clinker production process
  • use of limestone and flue dust as process material in the reactor
  • handling of heavy metals

Dyckerhoff is involved in the scale up of FlashPhos by selecting a suitable plant size and by defining interfaces for the integration of FlashPhos in the cement plant. In addition, Dyckerhoff supports the safety assessment of the scale-up from the point of view of the cement plant operator and supports exploitation activities as a possible FlashPhos user.


Dr. Marcus Paul

Project Manager