Our Partnership

Goriup Feuerfest GmbH (GFG)




Trofaiach, Styria

Year of foundation


GFG was founded in 1998 following a trading company and changed its policy of business by concentrating its activities on the production of refractory components and high temperature insulating items. This was followed by the foundation of a department for engineering, research and development. Due to the knowledge and high experience of its employees, GFG today is able to carry out any project in the field of refractories as well as complete projects for the erection of industrial equipment especially for industrial furnaces.

Products offered are:

  • Ceramic fibre modules for high temperature application
  • Special shapes of refractory bricks and components (dried, tempered or fired) mainly based on high alumina silicates
  • Sealings for high temperature application
  • Refractory mortars specially for the application at the melting section

Engineering activities are:

  • Drafting of documents like acceptance rules for the inspection and quality control
  • Development of mixtures for the production of refractories with various properties
  • Complete projects for the erection of industrial furnaces for various applications (design-, detailed engineering etc.) including all calculations like thermodynamic, metallurgical reactions etc. and carrying out of the necessary drawings, bill of materials, data sheet etc.

In connection with Research and Development, GFG is in permanent contact with technical Universities and industrial partners to develop processes for the treatment of metallurgical wastes etc.

Role in the Project

GFG selects the refractory and insulating material of the expecting wear and optimal insulation against heat loss. It carries out calculations of the heat loss and temperatures within the refractory lining and assists in carrying out the design of vessels and aggregates based on the experience of erecting. Besides the drafting of drawings, bills of materials and detailed specifications, GFG evaluates the refractory material in laboratories in connection with the expected chemical and physical attack. GFG designed and produces materials, carries out the installation of refractories and/or supervision of installation in connection with the issuance of an erection manual. GFG also gives instructions for start-up procedure (heating up diagram etc.), assists during heating up, observes the wear of refractories and develops strategies to optimise the refractory lining.


Armin Goriup