Our Partnership

Unitherm Cemcon Feuerungsanlagen GmbH (Unitherm)





Year of foundation


Unitherm is an Austrian company with more than 75 years of combustion expertise. Founded in 1945 as a company producing heating systems for households, in 1953 the first burner for a rotary kiln was developed and installed. Unitherm is now an established developer and manufacturer in the fields of burner and fuel supply systems for the cement industry. Know-how, technical expertise and excellent product quality are just some attributes that make Unitherm to one of the most innovative and reliable partners in the field of kiln burners. In times of rising energy and raw material prices, the firing system of Unitherm allows effective usage of existing resources and a maximum substitution by alternative fuels such as waste derived fuels, biomass and sewage sludge. During the last 20 years Unitherm has supplied and commissioned more than 500 firing systems all over the world, mainly in cement plants.

Role in the Project

Unitherm contributes by designing and constructing the burner for the FlashPhos pilot plant. The burner is considered the “heart” of the FlashPhos process and needs to be specifically adapted for the case, where Unitherm’s vast experience is vital. In addition, exploitation of the burner design by supplying the burner in industrial FlashPhos plants and filing of patents for the unique FlashPhos burner is foreseen.


Reinhard Ringdorfer