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The award-winning FlashPhos process is a high temperature fast reacting (flash) entrained flow gasification of sewage sludge and other phosphate-containing waste streams such as meat-and-bone meal. The inorganic waste components are melted or evaporated and are then separated in a refiner reactor to produce recycled P4 as the main product. Other output materials of the process are a climate-friendly alternative cement raw material, an iron alloy and a heavy metal concentrate as valuable outputs for the metal industry. The organic components serve as fuel for the gasification, in which they are converted into heat and a combustible gas. This gas and excess heat can be used in cement plants to substitute fossil fuels. Consequently, several valuable raw materials will be generated by the innovative and cost-efficient FlashPhos process with practically no emissions or waste.

During the four-year innovation action, the industrial FlashPhos process will be demonstrated in a pilot plant with up to 250 kg/h sewage sludge throughput. The first full-scale FlashPhos pilot plant in Europe will be built by 2025 and industrial scale white phosphorus production will start together with an industrial consortium, expecting market introduction by 2028.

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💡 What interest does the #EU have in white #phosphorus production from #sewagesludge? Find out in the #FlashPhos blog 👉 https://buff.ly/3j4zdBE

#H2020 #circulareconomy #phosphorusrecycling #zerowaste #residues2products #resourceefficiency #secondaryresources

📌 @FlashPhos partner @tugraz leads the development of #ComputationalFluidDynamics simulation model for the #FlashPhos burner, reactor & refiner for the cold model and the industrial scale #pilotplant. Find out more here 👉 https://bit.ly/3uYPYFe #CFD

👥@FlashPhos partner @tugraz’s Thermal Energy Systems & Biomass group of the Institute of Thermal Engineering is expert in experimental & numerical research on thermal characterisation of industrial furnaces & thermal conversion of biomass & fossil fuels 👉https://bit.ly/3uYPYFe

💡 @FlashPhos will recover at a large scale high-quality white #phosphorus and other #rawmaterials using #sewagesludge as input material. These raw materials have strategic applications for the European chemical, metal, and cement industries.
💻 http://flashphos-project.eu

💡 What interest does the #EU have in white #phosphorus production from #sewagesludge? Find out in the @FlashPhos blog 👉 https://buff.ly/3j4zdBE
#H2020 #circulareconomy #phosphorusrecycling #residues2products #resourceefficiency #secondaryresources #FlashPhos

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