Our Partnership

Herp Giessereitechnik GmbH (HERP)





Year of foundation


Herp can look back on a wide experience in the field of shaft furnace development and construction. Herp’s field of operation is mainly concentrated on central Europe. Business activities involve complete hot and cold blast cupola furnace systems including raw material handling, charging, cupola shaft construction, complete gas cleaning units (wet & dry) as well as all other additive subsystems such as blast air and oxygen injection, fuel injection, shell and tuyere cooling, holding furnaces and systems for slag granulation (wet & dry). The technical bandwidth of Herp’s coke-fired cupola furnaces for foundry applications ranges from smaller cold blast units with a melting rate of 3 t/h over cold blast long-term furnaces with oxygen injection to larger hot blast cupolas equipped with integrated waste heat recovery and achieving a melting rate of up to 100 t/h. Herp’s experienced team of technical experts designs specific cupola furnace systems based on the local and technical circumstances, always aiming to the economical, energetic and ecological optimized melting process paired with a high level on melting flexibility and process reliability. In this background Herp is one of just a few professional shaft furnace system manufactures in the world. Since foundation Herp has proved its expert status in shaft furnace technology especially for foundry applications and in general for all shaft furnace applications such as rock wool and limestone industry.

Role in the Project

Herp is responsible for the design, construction and manufacturing of process key components such as the FlashPhos reactor and refiner. It supports the onsite commissioning of key components in the scope of the overall pilot plant commissioning and supports exploitation activities as a plant component supplier.


Dipl.-Ing. Frank Wondra

Shareholder and Managing Director