Berlin Sewage Sludge Conference 2023

13 - 14 November 2023

Berlin, Germany

Background of the Conference

With the entry into force of the Ordinance on the Reorganization of Sewage Sludge Utilization of October 3, 2017, far-reaching changes in the processing and treatment of sewage sludge are required. On the one hand, the ordinance will significantly restrict conventional recycling in agriculture in the future. On the other hand, the federal political goal of a more extensive circular economy is taken into account. The focus here is consequently on the phosphorus it contains, which the European Commission has classified as a critical raw material since 2014.
Against the background of a sector that is extremely heterogeneous in terms of specification (size, expansion stages) and environment (urban, rural, local recycling options) of the sewage treatment plants, many operators are faced with the question of sensible technical solutions and economically appropriate concepts. Various approaches to phosphorus recovery directly from sewage sludge or indirectly from the residues of thermal treatment are in various stages of development.

Against this background, TK Verlag has been organizing the BKK since 2018 together with lawyer Stefan Kopp-Assenmacher and Professor Peter Quicker. Since then, the various players in the industry have met annually to exchange experiences from the different phases and areas of implementation and to network for joint projects.


BKK 2023

In 2023, the Berlin Sewage Sludge Conference was held for the sixth time
from November 13 – 14.

The conference was aimed at executives and experts from plant engineering, component manufacturers, plant operators, service providers, planning offices, consulting companies, science and administration.

Event Focus Topics:

  • Capacities
  • Drying
  • Legal issues
  • Phosphorus recovery
  • Waste gas treatment
  • Plants and processes
  • Material flow management
  • Political framework conditions.