10 October 2023

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

German Phosphorus-Platform DPP

The German Phosphorus-Platform DPP is a network of stakeholders from science, industry and public bodies to establish sustainable phosphorus management in Germany through a more efficient use of phosphorus as well as effective recycling and reprocessing.

The next DPP FORUM will be held under the topic “P-Recycling: Standstill or Progress?!” on October 10 in Frankfurt am Main. At the end of this year, reports are due on how municipalities intend to recover phosphorus from sewage sludge in the future. The event will look at what the current state of affairs is, what measures have been initiated and are planned, and how the products are to enter the market. At this year’s FORUM, the DPP Sponsorship Award will be presented for the first time. The prize, endowed with 1000 €, annually recognizes an outstanding final thesis in the field of phosphorus recycling.


Program blocks:

  • 1st block: Why phosphorus recovery – current backgrounds
  • 2nd block: Ways of P-recycling – state of the art
  • 3rd block: Legal obligations & accompanying measures
  • 4th block: P-recyclates – products for the market


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