Global Slag Conference 2023

6-7 June 2023

Düsseldorf, Germany

The 15th Global Slag Conference allowed all attendees to maximise their profits from slag – both ferrous and non-ferrous, kept them up-to-date with the industry state-of-the-art and provided extensive networking and business opportunities for both producers and users of slag and slag-based products. If your business is slag, make it your business to attend the next Global Slag Conference!

During the Covid Pandemic, the Global Slag Conference became the Virtual Global Slag Seminar (and Global Slag LIVE in January 2022) and took place three times.


Conference themes

  • Slag and slag cement market trends
  • Non-ferrous slags
  • Slag product trends
  • Beneficiation of slag and slag products
  • Slag cement production and use
  • Case studies
  • New applications for slag and slag products 

Who could attend?

  • Slag producers
  • Slag-product users
  • Cement producers and users
  • Equipment vendors
  • Traders and shippers
  • Academics and researchers

Picture and event info credits: Global Slag Conference & Exhibition