INFUB 2024

2 - 5 April 2024

Algarve, Portugal

The 14th European Conference on Industrial Furnaces and Boilers is the latest in a series of very successful Conferences, which have been held in Portugal since 1988. These Conferences have been attended by delegates from over 30 countries and around 90 papers have been presented at each Conference. In particular, the Conferences have attracted many participants from Industry and the wide range of papers have considered fundamental research as well as topics of a more practical and applied nature.

FlashPhos Contribution

  • Application of computationally inexpensive CFD approach for the combustion of sewage sludge powder in entrained flow furnaces (Presentation)
    Benjamin Ortner, Christian Schmidberger, Hannes Gerhardter, René Prieler, Christoph Hochenauer
  • Experimental investigation of high temperature conversion of sewage sludge in an entrained flow reactor (Presentation)
    Christian Schmidberger, Benjamin Ortner, Simon Grathwohl, Jörg Maier, Günter Scheffknecht 

Picture and info credits: INFUB 2024