Webinar: Alternative methods for phosphorus removal

8 September 2022


Webinar: Alternative methods for phosphorus removal

Phosphates in wastewater are classically removed by adding iron trichloride (FeCl3). However, these chlorides in the wastewater are harmful to water reuse. Vlakwa and Flanders’ FOOD therefore joined forces to set up a project on alternative phosphorus removal.

During a 2-hour webinar on September 8 in 2022, the project was presented and important alternative phosphorus removal methods were explained. In consultation with the webinar participants, it was decided which techniques should be retained as part of the project. In addition, possible funding frameworks were discussed. On this basis, the project application was written, which was submitted in early 2023.


There are several alternative methods to remove phosphates. However, these have not yet been tested on the usual flow rates and fluctuating  phosphorus concentrations of food companies. This project aims to investigate the technical and economic feasibility of the alternatives through pilot trials at various company sites.

Target audience
Flanders’ FOOD is the spearhead cluster for food companies. This project idea was interesting for the following sectors: breweries, vegetable processing, meat processing and dairy.