First FlashPhos Review Meeting

Dec 5, 2022

On December 5, 2022, the first FlashPhos Review Meeting took place remotely. All 17 project partners participated in the meeting and shared with Project Officer Dimitrios Biliouris from the European Commission and external expert Laurent Cassayre the project activities that have been carried out in the various project work packages over the first one and a half years of FlashPhos. In addition, the consortium presented the focus activities for the upcoming project months.

We would like to thank both Dimitrios Biliouris and Laurent Cassayre for the valuable feedback received during this one-day session.

Our motivated and multi-disciplinary team is delighted about the project’s progress and looking forward to taking you further on the journey to realise our vision:

FlashPhos is the first process in the world to sustainably produce white phosphorus for the chemical industry in a full circular economy model, surpassing the quality of white phosphorus on the market today.

For further information contact

Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Rapf

University of Stuttgart