Steering Committee Meeting & ARP Site Visit

Nov 12, 2021

In November 2021, FlashPhos partners gathered in Leoben, Austria for a two-day Steering Committee Meeting. The meeting gave the project partners the chance to review the project progress face-to-face, in line with Corona regulations (2G) in Austria.

Visiting Project Partner ARP

After a detailed review of all project work packages and technical meetings on the first day, partners had the chance to visit partner ARP’s (Aufbereitung Recycling und Prüftechnik GmbH) premises the next day. ARP operates as an institute for research, development and industrial demonstration projects and is able to run simulations of processes in pilot plant scale in a real industrial environment, starting with mechanical, up to chemical and pyro-metallurgical processes as well as thermal treatment. On the premises of ARP, the FlashPhos pilot plan will be built and the industrial FlashPhos process with up to 250 kg/h sewage sludge throughput will be demonstrated.

Thank you, ARP, for hosting such an interesting site visit!

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Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Rapf

Project Coordinator

M.Sc. Max Schmid

Project Coordinator

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💡 What interest does the #EU have in white #phosphorus production from #sewagesludge? Find out in the #FlashPhos blog 👉

#H2020 #circulareconomy #phosphorusrecycling #zerowaste #residues2products #resourceefficiency #secondaryresources

📌 @FlashPhos partner @tugraz leads the development of #ComputationalFluidDynamics simulation model for the #FlashPhos burner, reactor & refiner for the cold model and the industrial scale #pilotplant. Find out more here 👉 #CFD

👥@FlashPhos partner @tugraz’s Thermal Energy Systems & Biomass group of the Institute of Thermal Engineering is expert in experimental & numerical research on thermal characterisation of industrial furnaces & thermal conversion of biomass & fossil fuels 👉

💡 @FlashPhos will recover at a large scale high-quality white #phosphorus and other #rawmaterials using #sewagesludge as input material. These raw materials have strategic applications for the European chemical, metal, and cement industries.

💡 What interest does the #EU have in white #phosphorus production from #sewagesludge? Find out in the @FlashPhos blog 👉
#H2020 #circulareconomy #phosphorusrecycling #residues2products #resourceefficiency #secondaryresources #FlashPhos

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