Event: VI International Symposium 2022

Nov 4, 2022

4 November 2022 | Stuttgart, Germany / Online

The VI International Symposium on Emerging Technologies and Transition to Circular Economy intends to explore innovative advances that can address and shepherd the transition to inclusive circular solutions (economy), unlocking the potential to curb emissions for a sustainable future. Emerging technologies and their convergence towards a circular economy paradigm have a transformational effect across global value chains; therefore, M.Sc. WASTE Symposium 2022 aims to provide a platform where international cross-disciplinary professionals come together to share their deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities on environmental topics. Professionals from different sectors also gave an overview of global trends, industries at the forefront of this transition, and how green innovation can be leveraged to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

At the symposium, Ayumi Schober, researcher and Ph.D. student at the University of Stuttgart shared insights about the FlashPhos project.